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Buji is a in
Shenzhen Municipality,
Guangdong Province, China.

''Bu Ji'' literally means "Cloth Lucky" in .

Historically, it was located in the of the Province of South China.


Buji is divided into three main areas. These are ''Bantian Jiedao'', ''Buji Jiedao'' and ''Nanwan Jiedao''.

Villages in Buji

''Bantian Jiedao'' :

''Buji Jiedao'' :
oil painting village,

''Nanwan Jiedao'' :
Danzhutou ,

Beijiao (Shunde)

Beijiao is a , part of Shunde , in Foshan prefecture-level city, Guangdong Province, southern China.


Zhuhai is a prefecture-level city on the southern coast of in the People's Republic of China. Located in the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai borders Jiangmen to the northwest, Zhongshan to the north, and Macau to the south. Zhuhai was one of the original Special Economic Zones established in the 1980s.


The prefecture-level city of Zhuhai administers 3 , all of which are

*Xiangzhou District
*Doumen District
*Jinwan District


Zhuhai borders the Macau Special Administrative Region , and 140 km southwest of Guangzhou. Its territory counts 146 islands and a coastline of 690 km.


Zhuhai became a city in 1979, a year before it was named as one of the first Special Economic Zones . The neighboring city of Shenzhen became the first Special Economy Zone in 1978. The implementation of this policy is logical as Zhuhai is located on the strategic position facing Macau, in the identical fashion by which Shenzhen faces Hong Kong. This enabled the Chinese Central Government to open another "window" in front of Macau. Even though the city is situated at the southern end of the Pearl River Delta area, Zhuhai acts as one of the central cities in the Pearl River Delta according to the new general urban plan approved by the . The implementation of Special Economy Zone means that the city will grow as a powerful modern port city, science and education city, scenic and tourism city, and as a regional hub for transportation.

The outstanding geographic location, a wide range of supporting infrastructure and a deep-water port serve as a major attraction for foreign capital. Utilized foreign investment reached US$ 0.94 billion in 2002. Among the top 500 enterprises worldwide, 19 of them have investment projects in Zhuhai such as ExxonMobil, British Petroleum, , Carrefour and Matsushita. Hong Kong is the largest foreign investor in Zhuhai accounting for 22% of total utilized foreign investment in 2002.

Manufacturing industries

Industrial development in Zhuhai focuses on 5 new high-tech and heavy industries including electronics, computer software, biotechnology and pharmacy, machinery and equipment as well as petrochemical industries. Aiming to strengthen the existing industrial base as well as to provide a better environment for the development of new high-tech industries, the local government has taken the initiative in developing five economic zones:
*Zhuhai High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
*Zhuhai free trade zone
*Harbour industrial zone
*Wanshan ocean development testing zone
*Heng Qin economic development zone



Zhuhai International Airport is located in Doumen District.


At present, there is an expressway linking Zhuhai and Foshan. Heavy traffic between Zhuhai and Macau has led to the construction of a new cross-border corridor, the Lotus Bridge, built in November 1999 to divert traffic away from the congested Gongbei gate.
As part of the Pearl River Delta integration, a Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is projected.


An attractive and clean environment and good deep-port condition are advantages of Zhuhai. Endowed by a long coastline, Zhuhai is the only city on the western Pearl River Delta with natural deep-water ports.

Zhuhai has two international seaports: Jiuzhou and Gaolan . Gaolan Port is one of the leading ports in Guangdong Province, while Jiuzhou Port focuses on heavy passenger sea transport.

Chu Kong Passenger Transport operates a ferry service between Zhuhai's Jiuzhou Port, Hong Kong and Shekou (蛇口,)which is the Shenzhen ferry port. A service between Jiuzhou Port and Hong Kong International Airport for air passengers using the airport began on 10 July 2007.


The attractive environment and natural landscapes bolster Zhuhai's reputation as a garden city and a model city of best living environment. In 2002, the city attracted 1.3 million international tourists and 3.64 million domestic tourists. Following Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Zhuhai is the third city in Guangdong province earning the largest foreign exchange from international tourism, which amounted to US$0.5 billion in 2002.

Realizing the substantial benefits brought by tourism, the local government is constantly improving the existing tourist spots and exploring new tourist resources. The local government is developing new tourist spots such as Hengqin , Dong'ao , Hebao , Qi'ao and Yeli .


*The New Yuan Ming Palace is a park of 1.39 km?, including an 80,000 m? lake. It features a partial reconstruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, destroyed in 1860 by French and British troops during the second Opium War, which was never rebuilt on its original site.


Strategic development

Developing a university park is Zhuhai's strategy to strengthen its high-tech and IT industries. Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, Zhuhai and other cities in Guangdong province face a serious shortage of talent and professionals, making this goal difficult. The local government is taking major initiatives to set up a university park with an area of 20 km?, the only one in the western Pearl River Delta.

Colleges and universities

* Zhuhai College of Jinan University
* Zhuhai College of Beijing Normal University
* Zhuhai College of Beijing Institute of Technology
* Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-Sen University
* Zhuhai College of Jilin University
* Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College

A number of other colleges and universities are also located in or near Zhuhai.
The Zhuhai College of Beijing Normal University was created as a new model university in China and comprises a number of independent colleges. The entrance mark required is lower than that of Beijing Normal University and the degree awarded is not of the same status.

Sports facilities

Zhuhai is the first city in China to have constructed a motor racing circuit. The Zhuhai International Circuit was built in 1996 and is located at Jinding, near the border to Zhongshan.

ZIC has held the BPR Global GT Endurance Series in 1996, the FIA GT Championship in 1997, 1999, 2004 and 2005. It hosted the championship's 2007 opening round on 24th and 25 March.

ZIC had planned to host a round of the Champ Car World Series on 20 May 2007, but agreement was not reached.

ZIC held an A1GP race in 2007 for the first time in series' history.

Residential environment

Zhuhai's international accolades include "the Best Model of International Residential Environment Improvement" awarded by the United Nations.

Sister city

Zhuhai is a sister city of:
* : Surrey, British Columbia
* : Redwood City, California


Yunfu is a prefecture-level city in western Guangdong , People's Republic of China. It borders Zhaoqing to the north, Foshan to the east, Jiangmen to the southwest, Yangjiang to the south, Maoming to the southwest, and the of Guangxi to the west.

A five-hour drive from Zhuhai, the city is reputed to lack a number of basic facilities.


The prefecture-level city of Yunfu administers 5 , including 1 , 1 county-level city and 3 .

*Yuncheng District
*Luoding City
*Xinxing County
*Yunan County
*Yun'an County


Yangjiang is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Guangdong , People's Republic of China. It borders Maoming to the west, Yunfu to the north, Jiangmen to the east, and looks out to the South China Sea to the south. It is famous for being the base of Yangjiang Shibazi, a knife manufacturer.


The prefecture-level city of Yangjiang administers 4 , including 1 , 1 county-level city and 2 .

*Jiangcheng District
*Yangchun City
*Yangdong County
*Yangxi County

Xinyi, Guangdong

Xinyi is a county-level city in Guangdong province, People's Republic of China. It has a population of 170,368 people. Xinyi is located in the prefecture level city of Maoming.


Xinjiao is a town in the Guangdong province of China, administered out of the Haizhu District of the provincial capital, Guangzhou. It is located at latitude 23.0947 and longitude 113.3200. The town is known for its orchards, which produce fruits such as star-fruit, pomegranate, banana, papaya, , and litchi. Like many neighboring communities, it is also noted for its canals, which are incorporated into the design of parts of the city, abutting houses and bridges which go back as far as the Ming Dynasty. Several Qing Dynasty temples are also located there. These features make the town a popular attraction for tourists.